Community Business Resource Center

A "REVOLUTION" in promoting your business to your local customers & fellow businesses has arrived!

Resource Center Membership Benefits:

  • Be part of a tight knit community of local business owners that look out for and help one another.
  • Receive referrals through personal & tracked introductions.
  • Receive exclusivity for your profession within a local chapter.
  • Spotlight opportunities at local networking events.
  • Resource Center Business Coach - to help your business find ways to save money and be more efficient… all while increasing customers.
  • Create additional revenue streams for your business.
  • Receive a vacation certificate (valued at $329) for personal use or to enhance marketing campaigns.
  • Receive business training and education.
  • Receive $100 referral bonuses.

Where do my "new" customers & extra income streams come from?
(Answers in video below)...

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